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Old-fashioned four legged TV set isolatedI’m on TV! Not just any TV, Excel.TV, which unless you stream the internet on your TV set like I do, probably is on a computer monitor, but in my world it still counts. Please check out Episode 40 if you want to see a recording of the show where I talk about Power BI.

There is kind of an interesting story as to how I ended up being asked to be on the show. I was teaching a Power BI class, and Jordan Goldmeier b | t was talking it. Jordan started following me on twitter, and tweeted that he was in my class. I was really surprised and intimidated that an Excel MVP who has written a number of books on Excel was taking a class from me. My class was in the pre-Power BI desktop days, so I was going over the 4 Powers in Excel, Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View and Power Map. Jordan later told me that he learned something in my class. I was relieved. We’ve kept in contact since then, mainly via twitter, which is how I got asked to be on the show.

I was really impressed by Excel.TV and everything that Rick Grantham b | t , Szilvia Juhasz b | t and Jordan do to make the very professional, with graphics and sound effects. They asked me on to talk about Power BI. While on the ExcelTVshow, Rick asked me about the variety of things I have on my blog, and I got to thinking about it. Whether I use Power BI, Excel, Machine Learning, SSIS, SSAS or R, I am trying to do the same thing, make sense of the data and use the data to provide answers. You can call that data science or business analysis or business intelligence, but whatever the label or the tool, I think that really covers what I like to do.

I really enjoyed being interviewed, and I look forward to catching up with Rick and Jordan at the PASS Business Analytics Conference in May where we will all be speaking May 3-4. Maybe I’ll see you there too?


Yours Always

Ginger Grant

Data aficionado et SQL Raconteur


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