Why a site?

Congratulations you have landed on this uncharted desert isle.  I’ve not been completely stranded, I’ve made good use of my copious spare time working on all sorts of data stuff.  Since you have managed to find me either by keyboard happenstance or you meant to do that, it would be fair to assume you were interested in whom and what is out there and not because your search engine returned the wrong things again.  In any case, I’m glad you are here.  I’d like to be clear, I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but I do admit to having a knack for finding out what works through diligent research and the more common troubleshooting technique brute force trial and error.  Of course my diverse interests pull me towards investigating a few other avocations such as wacky vocabulary words, trivia and occasionally doting over my Imelda Marcos memorial collection of fine ladies shoes.

Naturally it would follow that I would think data is a lot of fun, which is why I like playing with it and making sense of it all.  When I talk about data, I mean the whole gamut.  I can wax poetically about ANSI vs Transact, and longer about Business Intelligence and Data Analytics or Visualization techniques in Tableau and Power BI.  There’s so much stuff that I’d like to play with that I just haven’t gotten to yet like Python, Open Source R and PolyBase, but I will.  Just lately I’ve been working on taking an ankus to the yellow elephant, and although I’m nowhere near killer with Hadoop yet, I’ve made it my goal to get there.

Not being the shy nor retiring type, I like getting out and about at select Business Intelligence and SQL Saturday events.  Now if by chance we end up running into each other, feel free introduce yourself as I would be very interested in receiving feedback from other folks in the field.  I know the site is rather light on materials, but a girl’s got to start somewhere.  You are certainly most welcome to check back from time to time as I intend to have enough content to give you the promised 3 hour tour, without taking on water.

Yours Always,

Ginger Grant

5 comments on “Why a site?

  1. Adam L Hafner

    I wanted to talk to you about a SQL PASS event. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

    1. Ginger Grant

      Adam —

      Looking forward to talking to you more about PASS events. They are a great way to learn and give back to the greater technical community.



  2. Matthew Deuschle

    Hi Ginger! Your articles/posts about SQL Server 2016 R integration are very informative. However, I am struggling with understanding how to actually embed and execute a R script inside a stored procedure. Do you have any references/info on that? Also, what do you know about using Power BI with SSRS web portal? MS released a technical preview recently but it is limited and supposedly the next release will have this capability. Thanks!

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