MSCA, Part 3 the final countdown, Exam 70-463


If you wait until 2 minutes into this 80s hair band song, you will get what comes to mind when I started studying for this test. I think I first heard it when I was introduced to the band Metal Rose last year, but I can’t find their cover of it. Anyway, this is the last exam of the series, the Data Warehouse one. This is the test that online all of the DBA types don’t like because you have to know about Building a Data Warehouse, SSIS, and ETL. Here’s a link to the

I thought this was the most fun. After all this is the BI exam, which is what I like to do and as an added bonus I thought the Microsoft training book was really good. If you are studying for the exam or interested in Data warehousing in SQL Server, I think it is a good read.

Is it worth it?

The question I get asked about certifications is: Are they worth it? I have been thinking about that and I the answer I have is, I don’t know. Personally, I find that if I have a reason to go learn something, I will. Studying for an exam provides a reason. The exam is like a bowling pin, it is a target to knock down. If I didn’t study for this test would I have become interested figuring out how to apply Master Data Management? Probably not, but that’s the sort of thing I got out of it. A test is just a reason to learn new things about SQL Server and the piece of paper and the logos, is an added bonus. I downloaded my Official Logos and Paper copy of the cert just to make it official. I even framed it.

The Process

I now have a process for how I can pass the tests, which involves me creating my own book in word, and studying it. This is the first time that I found the book to be the best source on the topic, so I just wrote down the pages that I thought I should study in my notes. This time I remembered to list all of the web pages that I copied so that anyone could see where the original text came from. I thought I’d share it, as I am feeling good about being done with this as cert. If you find it helpful, let me know.

Design and implement a data warehouse (11%)

Extract and transform data (23%)

Load data (27%)

Configure and deploy SSIS solutions (24%)

Build data quality solutions (15%)

Yours Always

Ginger Grant

Data aficionado et SQL Raconteur

16 comments on “MSCA, Part 3 the final countdown, Exam 70-463

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  2. Dustin Ryan

    Nice study guide, Ginger! Yours is much more organized than mine was. I passed 463 last year and put together a similar study guide but yours is far more complete than mine ever was. Good luck!

    1. Ginger Grant

      Dustin —
      Thanks for the complement. I find myself putting together really detailed notes helps me study.

      I wonder how much interest there is in study guides like this? Let me know if you would be interested in my my 70-466 and 70-467 notes as I could post those as well.


      1. Thomas Paquin

        Ginger –
        Great study guide!

        I’m currently working through the MCSA and planning to continue to the MCSE afterwards. If you still have your notes for the 70-466 and 467, I’d be quite interested in seeing those since, as you mentioned, on study materials for those exams are rather slim.



        1. Ginger Grant

          Thomas —
          I am happy that you found the study guide useful. As Microsoft is in the process of redoing all of the tests, you are going to want to hurry and complete them while these test still apply.


    1. Ginger Grant

      Dustin —
      After I have passed exams I try to wipe them from my memory too, but after spending all that time, I can’t. 70-466 and 70-467 are the exams needed, along with an MSCA, to become an MCSE in Business Intelligence.

    1. Ginger Grant

      Don’t worry, I didn’t take it you were being aloof 🙂 It’s easy not to remember the numbers. There are 3 test to take for an MSCA, 70-461, 70-462, 70-463. After that there are 2 more test for an MCSE. There are no books for the MCSE exams, so you are on your own to find study materials for the last two exams. Is there any interest in seeing a study guide for those?

      1. Dustin Ryan

        So I’ve passed 3 of them: the two bi certs and the one on querying Sql server, whichever # those are.

        1. Ginger Grant

          Hmm. It sounds like you have passed 70-461, 70-463 and 70-466. You need to pass the 70-462 which is SQL Server administration, to get your MCSA then you could take 70-467 to get your MCSE. You are very close! Are you planning on taking either test soon?

          1. Dustin Ryan

            I hadn’t planned on it. I am weak in the dark arts of database administration. Maybe I should look into it.

  3. Carla

    Thanks for posting this list. I’m just starting to study for 70-461. When I’m ready for this exam, I’ll certainly be referring to the list you’ve posted here!

  4. RowlandG

    Well done Ginger! I will use this in prepping for my test!

    1. Ginger Grant

      Rowland —
      I hope you find it helpful in prepping for your test. Let me know when you take it so I can offer congratulations as I am sure you will pass it.


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