Time to Use Custom Visualizations in Power BI

After my previous blog post, and subsequent complaints to several people on the Power BI Product Team, I am really happy to be writing a blog encouraging everyone to use Custom Visuals. Power BI no longer has any horrible error messages for custom visuals which prevented me from using Custom Visuals in the Past. Look at the fish with no error messages!CustomVisualizations

Warnings For Custom Visualizations Go Away

Now since Power BI Custom Visualizations are not provided by Microsoft, they feel compelled to give you a warning message letting users know this. Here is the message box you get in Power BI Desktop when PowerBIWarningusing a custom visualization. Notice that I clicked on the check box next to the text Don’t show this dialog again. As Words mean things, checking this box means the warning message never appears again. When you import the visualization into Power BI, no warning messages. Now I can use and propose custom visualizations to clients because they really are neat, and now they contain no warnings. Thanks so much to the Power BI Product team for fixing this major issue.

SQLSaturdayAtlanta-521This visualization update makes me somewhat sad that I am not talking about Power BI at SQL Saturday Atlanta, but I am really excited to be talking about R and connecting with many people in the SQL Server Community. If you are in Atlanta, I hope to see you tomorrow.



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3 comments on “Time to Use Custom Visualizations in Power BI

  1. Mikael

    Agree this is actually becoming useful… :o) Note however that you cannot yet distribute custom visuals to organizational contents packs. Microsoft is currently working on this, but it’s an important little detail

    1. Ginger Grant

      Mikael —
      Thanks for bringing up some of the existing limitations of custom visuals with content packs. The Power BI product team determines in large part what to work on next by the Power BI Ideas section of the community page. Here’s the link http://bit.ly/1sxGmOg for voting for Allowing Custom Visuals in Organizational Content Packs. According to Micorosoft the are working on it. All the same, I voted on it to encourage them.



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