Introduction to R – The Follow Up

gdiPhxI really enjoyed the opportunity to share R with GDI Phoenix. Since very few people in the room were familiar with the language, it was great to be able to show something new. The audience was great, and provided some wonderful feedback. With Microsoft’s purchase of R in 2015, many of the disadvantages of the open source version of R, including not being able to process huge data sets, speed of running the code and deployment have been resolved with R Server, which will be released with SQL Server 2016. The integration of R in SQL Server will only increase the demand for R skills, providing a great incentive for people to get started to learn the language now.

As promised I have provided links to the items I covered in the talk. Thanks so much for inviting me and I hope to have the opportunity to present again.

All the Links Need to Get Started Learning R

R Language

R Studio (UI)

Visual Studio Community R Tools

Microsoft R Open

Swirl – R Tutorial


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