Help! The Power BI Enterprise Gateway is not Working

Given some of the questions I’ve been getting recently there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding how the Power BI Enterprise Gateway works. The most common scenario seems to be that one person, probably the one who created the gateway, can use it and create reports, but when the reports are shared to others, there is no data, just an error message. Here’s the TL;DR verison. When using the Power BI Enterprise Gateway the Power BI user needs to use the security model of the on premises data source. Sounds simple enough, but in practice things can and do go wrong. Before you bother to read any further, if you can’t for a number of reasons change any Active Directory or Power BI User information, you can stop reading now and just use the Personal Gateway. All of the data access issues described here are specific to the Enterprise Gateway.

What is Required to get a Power BI user to use data from an Enterprise Gateway?

Still reading? Ok, so here’s another description on how the Enterprise Gateway works. When the Enterprise KnockingonDoorPowerBIGateway is installed, it puts in a secure door into the firewall. Power BI is the little man knocking on the door. The gateway asks two questions: Who are you? And What is your Password? The answers to those questions come from Power BI, in the form of your email address the and the password used to login to the online application. If those don’t match what is found in Active Directory, entry is denied. The reports will blank. In other words, AD is saying, I Hear You Knocking, but You can’t Come In, which is also a great song lyric.

Resolving Enterprise Gateway Access Issues

The first thing that you need to do is ensure that the user has an ID on the network containing the data source which has permissions to access the database in the Enterprise Gateway. Second, the password on both the network account and the Power BI account must be the same. If they are not, change one. Lastly you need to check the UPN [User Principal Name] to make sure that the Power BI email address matches what the UPN has in Active Directory. A UPN is sort of a replacement for an account name and does not need to be the same as the account name used to log into the network. As a side note, while you can run a SQL which will show that you are getting an error, it won’t show what the userid and password being sent by Power BI are. The email address in the UPN does not have to match the email set up for the account, and chances are if it is not working, they are not the same. To review the settings, you are going to need access to Active Direct Directory and check the UPN for the user who cannot access the data exposed by Enterprise Gateway. Once these issues have been resolved, the firewall will be opened and users will have the same access to data on Power BI on the internet as they have on the On premises server.

Let me know if you’ve found this post helpful or would like to hear more on this topic.

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