Renseignements biographiques


I started my journey into technology by taking apart a clock while it was still plugged in so I could see it work while the gears were still spinning.  After the outlet was replaced and my bangs grew back, I moved on to things which wouldn’t smolder when disassembled.  As time passed, I was able to take computers apart without needing a fire extinguisher or a box of band-aids but realized that my calling was more in software than hardware.  Mother approved my new direction as getting the burnt smell out of various habitations can be a real chore.  Databases seemed to be a safe tidy place to spend time, and free of the physical hazards which caused so much excitement in the past.  Execution plans, ETL and ERDs have all treated me well, and I’ve enjoyed spending a great deal time with them and I am no longer on a first name basis with the local fire department.  I have since moved on to fighting figurative fires through my work on many and varied projects such as vehicle telemetry systems, construction materials distribution, call center routing, financial services statistics, healthcare management and insurance processing.  I am continuing my travels in technology by investigating various facets of big data, data analysis, and in-memory analytics. I was really honored that Microsoft awarded me with the MVP Award in Data Platform for work in this space.

Yours Always,

Ginger Grant

Data Aficionado & Ranconteur

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  1. Paul Graham

    Did you know there are three things that can happen when you throw a full can of spray paint in a fire? Do you want to know what they are? It can blow up (boom), it can blow the nozzle off the can and become a flame thrower, or it can come shooting out of the fire like a missile. Can’t say I have a favorite, I like all three.
    I never read warning labels either.

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